Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers

April Showers bring May flowers, that saying stuck with me all day and the funny thing is that it didnt even rain today. So how did this rhythmic saying latch itself to me well I think because my mom use to say it all the time when it would rain in April and today just so happens that it would be her birthday and I thought about her. Its not often I think about her probably because I know she's in Heaven with God and when it comes to God you never have to worry! So Happy Birthday mom if you were here it would have been a good one! As I was reciting April showers bring May flowers all day I was thinking about  the water coming down on the barren soil getting Spring ready for the beautiful flowers that are about to sprout and it reminded me about these little trials that have been coming my way and how sometimes there are situations in life that seem bare, empty, and sometimes ugly but thats when God comes in pours down his love, faithfulness, and grace, and something great comes out and forms into the unimaginable. Thank you God for reassuring me of your love on this beautiful April Day. Who knows it might rain tomorrow but just know something beautiful has already been planted it just needs the water to bloom
Your Love Always Perseveres

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