Monday, April 26, 2010

Date Night

I am the biggest fan of date nights!!! When Lance and I got married I was a little worried that we would stop going on dates but he reassured me that he is going to date me for the rest of my life and since we have been married we have gone on dates every month some planned and some spontaneous. Being married you think a date night wouldn’t be any different from just having dinner and being together well it is. When Lance tells me he is going to take me on a date, I get excited and the excitement grows. I get ready makeup and hair, pick out the perfect outfit just like a date, sometimes he has to wait on me and sometimes I’m already ready cuz I’m so excited. We usually start off by going to dinner somewhere because we love food this might seem typical but guess what it’s actually my favorite part of the date. Why because during dinner we have each other’s full attention I’m not having to cook dinner and think about clean up or look at our apt and see if its messy or talk about what we have going on but we are in a different world. Time really does stop when we are on a date and our focus is nothing but each other. Then after dinner we move on to the next part of our date and it’s different every time, sometimes he gives me options, sometimes we go shopping, to the movies, a walk, coffee, ice-cream, just to name a few things we have done. 
Lance and I have a lot of things in common but one we share a lot together is our love for pizza. I guess you could say we are Pizza Connoisseurs so tonight Lance took me to a new pizza place called Fireside Pies. I would have to say this pizza was good the sauce had really good flavor but I would probably try a different kind of pizza the next time, we got pepperoni and there were layers of pepperoni, which Im not a huge fan of.

After that we went home where we tried out our fondue set that we got from our wedding as a gift. Never having used it before we were really excited to try it out. Of course things do not always go planned as perfect as you like them sometimes, when we were melting the chocolate we burnt it the first time. Who would have thought melting chocolate could be so difficult, but having the most determined and awesome husband that I have we tried it again. Not going to lie I did get a little discouraged at first but it was only cuz I was so excited to try it. Second time around Lance nailed it and it was the best fondue chocolate you could ever have. Next time we are going to try fondue cheese!

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