Monday, July 5, 2010

Bugs Be Gone

This post is dedicated to all the insect haters out there: "We know they're real, your not alone!"
Let me start out by saying Lance and I have lived in Texas for over a year and a half now and in that time I have  experienced more traumatic bug incidents in this year in and a half than in my entire life. Now when it comes to bugs us girls can sometimes be a little exaggerative well I assure you in this case I'm not.
It all started on our move out to Texas I should have caught it then but it took me a lil longer to realize when people say "Everything is bigger in Texas" they mean it. In order as they happened

1. We stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and as soon as I stepped out of the car these big beetles were roaming the ground so we ran inside thinking we would be safe...nope they were crawling around IN THE STORE! Crazy people! Who lets this happen? Lance had to pick me up and carry me out on his shoulder yes in front of everyone, I didn't care I was not going to walk past these creatures.
2. Now that we were all settled in we needed to sell the trailer that helped us get out there, while we were talking it over to the soon to be buyer, i felt pinching on my feet I look down I stepped in an ant hill they covered my legs, I was wearing jeans so I ran over to my friends apt took my jeans off and freaked out for awhile.
3. Lance and I wanted to get a soda we were not drinking soda at the time so we walked over to the vending machines by our pool house, once again felt lil things on my feet, look down tiny grey beetles were crawling around everywhere, I jumped on lance forget the soda we were out of there.
4. This incident happened numerous times I can't emphasize enough the word "Numerous", at night big black beetles hang outside on the grounds, because of this I told Lance we cannot go outside when the sun goes down.
5. The apt I lived in before I got married was infested with roaches
6. Our apt we got when we first married had spiders and worms... yes worms so weird, luckily my cat is the buganator and gets them sometimes.
7. I went to lunch with one of my friends now you would think eating inside a well know restaurant you would be safe from bugs, well of course my feet were the first target and I looked under the table and there were ants on the ground I tried not to make a big scene but we moved and I did have a word with the manager ( I was nice as can be )
8. A big spider got inside my car as me and my friend were driving to a shower and this spider was right above me and remind you I'm driving trying not to freak out or get in an accident we both were not wanting to kill it... Ok this one sounds a lil dramatic but I assure you it was scary.
9. Now the latest incident actually happened on Friday I was driving to work my commute is about 20 min all of the sudden ants start coming out of my dashboard all over on my air vents the steering wheel my cup holders,  I called Lance and started crying cuz they were getting on my pants. I had a long drive and couldn't really afford to be late or even pullover because I was on the freeway. If that wasn't bad enough I finally get to work and after it rains here these brown beetles come out, they covered the parking lot and curbs yes covered it was horrible! Lance came to my work switched cars with me and we still haven't figured out where they are coming from we did find them all over on both sides of the door at the bottom where the step up is. It took me awhile to recover from this one and I'm sorry to say I still have not drove or rode in the ant infested car.

I don't like bugs, Lance says that God is trying to drive this fear out of me but its really only causing more fear. It has made me more cautious of my surroundings and where I step. I do check under every table I sit at even if its a well-known restaurant and always take a quick scan of parking lots before I get out of the car. Some people might look at me like I'm a worry wort I like to think of it like I'm preparing myself.


  1. "Everything is bigger in Texas" especially the Ant hills!! but i think its you Olivia theirs just something about you and your car that draws creepy crawlers.....

    My input... SELL THE CAR!

  2. lol haha there has only been two incidents with the car but yes I agree we should sell it!


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