Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's the little things

Well it's been an interesting month full of decision making, new changes, and just a lot of "newness" if that's a word. 

So I wanted to take a break for myself. I feel everyone needs to take those kinds of breaks in their life where you just relax and do... whatever is you want!

So for me something I enjoy doing and have since I was little, was sewing. My aunt is the most creative person I know when it comes to fabric, sewing,  quilting, pretty much anything crafty she knows how to do it.  
In fact she even made my sister's wedding dress!

When my sister and I were little girls she bought us a sewing machine and taught us everything we know.

Unfortunately my sewing machine is back home in California and these past months I have had the itch to sew something so my wonderful husband went out and bought me a sewing machine! Not only that but I told my Aunt about this crave and she sent me a box of fabric what more could I ask for! So here I go sorting through fabric I think I am going to make an apron..... 


  1. how fun! sewing is my next hobby to tackle, my mom is excellent at it and tried to teach me many times as a kid but I was way to impatient. there have been many times this past year that I wished I had been more patient ;)

  2. Oh Becky patience is always knocking at my door and I don't always answer lol I guess that's why Grandmas and Aunts are so good at everything cuz they work on perfecting things over the years!


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