Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the past couple days I have experienced a few revelations and theres nothing better than grasping it, letting it sink in and then sharing it so it can help others now or in the future, so here I go:
Lately I have been wanting a simple Yes or No answer from God is this what we are suppose to do? YES or NO, should we go here? YES or NO unfortunately God doesn't work like that. Instead God showed me through feelings and through His eyes. We needed an answer to a job we interviewed for at a church and during service I began to feel what God felt about these people, I began to feel His love for them and His purpose for them. God didn't just want us to show up, Him leave and then He give us the answer after it was all done but He wanted to intimately walk with us through the whole process so we could feel what He thought about these people so we could see His vision for the church and in turn we would know if that's where we were suppose to be. I hope this makes sense sometimes it doesn't always come out the way it does in my heart. But I pray for anyone making tough decisions to really feel God through it all and to not just ask Him to guide you through it but to intimately walk right with you.

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