Monday, July 19, 2010

More Bitter than Sweet

I guess in the last post I didn’t boldly come out state that we are moving to Arizona but yes we are, we prayed about it and really feel this is the direction God is taking us. When we made our decision and the answer was the same on both ends Lance and I were very excited and still are. But it wasn’t until Sunday that it really began to sink in that we are leaving our family. When I say family I’m not talking about our immediate family, but our brothers and sisters; the ones that have walked with us, discipled us, led us, prayed for us, loved us, shared good times with…our friends. Since this whole decision we have been pretty discrete about talking about it to our family I guess because we are sad and though we know they would share in the excitement with us, it really is going to be hard and different.

There are few things in this life I do not like and one of them is goodbyes, I hate goodbyes I’m not very good at them, when my mom passed away I didn’t get to say goodbye and people would tell me that’s okay because you will see her in heaven. Well, I do know heaven will not be the next time I see our family I pray not anyways but for now I will just say see you later. I don’t wish to be all sad and gloomy in this blog but to bring encouragement.

So I will say this, that there are friends that come into our lives for seasons some long, some short and then there is family, family lasts forever. Therefore I have that to hold on to, they are family, they are valuable, and to make sure I keep them in my life!
Signed with tears

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